Monday, 12 December 2011

10 Strangest Restaurants in The World

1. Hadaka Sushi Los Angeles
Located in the heart of West Hollywood on Sunset strip this “Adults Only” Sushi restaurant, bar and lounge is equal parts exotic and delicious. Putting a new spin on sushi is an understatement. Where else could you order Nyotaimori “body sushi”? Which is the practice of eating sashimi or sushi from the body of a women or man. The food never touches the model and is presented on banana leaves draped artfully on the body.
Well this is the only first one and after a little jump you will find some more strange and unusual restaurants of the world.

Beer Spa in the Czech Republic
2. Beer Spa Restaurant In Czech Republic
The mountain Bahenec Wellness Hotel is situated in the area of Slezské Beskydy, in the town of Písek u Jablunkova, very close to the Polish border. The entire procedure, which also includes a Finnish sauna and, following the beer bath, relaxation on a bed of oat straw, takes about two hours. The Bier Bottich Bad (BBB, Beer Tub Bath) recipe was conceived by the Austrian hotelier Hedwig Bauer and is a protected secret.


3. Dinner In The Sky Restaurant Las Vegas
Dinner In The Sky is a Belgian based novelty restaurant which used a crane to hoist its diners, table, and waitstaff 150 feet into the air. Dinner in the sky has now made its way to the Las Vegas Market with a grand opening on New Year’s Eve.


4. Maldives, Hilton Resort & Spa
Maldives, Hilton Resort & Spa is world’s first underseas restaurent at the resort. It was designed in New Zealand and constructed in Singapore and now shipped in Maldives. For those of you who DO find this enticing and beautiful, the world’s first underwater restaurant just opened at the Hilton resort in Maldives. It’s like a giant stationary submarine immersed in the most beautiful water in the world.


5. Guolizhuang (Penis Restaurant Beijing)
Guolizhuang (Penis Restaurant Beijing)  is a restaurant where nearly every dish has a dick in it. You can have your choices of dog, yak, donkey, seal, and more. According to some Chinese medicinal tradition, you are what you eat. If you’re a coward, it’s advisable to eat tiger’s testicles or something like that to boost your bravery. Well who loves delicious animal reproductive organs, raise your hand! You’ll get plenty at this place in Beijing because that’s all they serve. Now who ordered the dog’s penis garnished with a plum?

W'Duck Toilet Restaurant In Portugal

6. W’Duck Toilet Restaurant Portugal
Do you mind sitting on the toilet while you dine? Or wiping your mouth with toilet paper? Don’t bother showing up at W’Duck in Matosinhos if you need to think about your answer.  W’Duck has occupied the old Sapataria Concalve space at 245 Avenida da República in this small port town Portugal.


7. Robot Kitchen in Hong Kong
A robot performs as a chef prepares food at Robot Kitchen in Hong Kong. With a whir and a flash of lights, another robot whizzes to the restaurant table and takes a customer’s order, while a second races to another table to deliver plates of steaming food.

8. The Cabbages and Condoms Restaurant in Thailand
The Cabbages and Condoms chain of restaurants not only offers excellent fresh Thai specialties, but also provides a truly unique dining experience in several locations around Thailand by promoting the health and safety benefits of condom use in fun and amusing ways, including having waiters inflate the rubbers over their heads when they arrive tableside.

9. Vampire Cafe in Tokyo
Continuing the creepy, otherwordly themes is the Vampire Café in the Ginza section of Tokyo, where the interior is almost entirely blood red. Guests are ushered down a long hallway with red blood cells superimposed on the floor. Inside, the décor includes heavy velvet drapes, black coffins dripping with red candle wax, skulls and crosses. Many of the meals are vampire-themed, and diners drink red cocktails from martini glasses.

10. Hospitalis in Riga, Latvia
Hospitalis is a disturbing new restaurant that has opened in Riga, Latvia. Its weird and wacky hospital themed dining experience takes place in a sterile, modern medical environment and boasts nurses in complete uniform, patients in straight jackets, and the opportunity to dine on gurneys and operating tables. Meals at this strange and disturbing restaurant are served in a way that might shock and disturb you. The dining experience available at Hospitalis certainly isn't for the faint at heart.

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